Western Howgills

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Saunterings:  Walking in North-West England


The books and papers that have been referred to in or that have influenced Saunterings (a set of reflections based upon walks around the counties of Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire in North-West England) are listed below, followed by some websites that have been useful.

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The Cumbria Wildlife Trust.
The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).
The Environment Agency.
The Forest of Bowland AONB.
Friends of the Dales, to protect and enhance the Yorkshire Dales.
The Friends of the Lake District, to protect Lake District landscapes.
The Lake District National Park.
The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association.
The Lancashire Wildlife Trust.
Lancaster & District Birdwatching Society
The Land of the Lune, a guide to the region within the Lune watershed.
Mark Avery’s blog, about the environment and environmental campaigns.
The National Biodiversity Network, makes wildlife data available on the internet.
National Character Area profiles.
Natural England, the government’s advisor on the natural environment.
The North West Naturalists Union.
Open Spaces Society, protecting open spaces, common land and public paths.
Out of Oblivion, about the cultural landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.
The People’s Trust for Endangered Species, concerned with endangered species throughout the world.
The South Cumbria Rivers Trust, concerned with the aquatic environments of South Cumbria.
Val Corbett Photography, photographs of the Lake District.
The Wainwright Society.
Walking Britain.
Where2Walk, describes walks in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales.
The Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, concerned with international wildlife conservation.
The Woodland Trust.
The Yorkshire Dales National Park.
The Yorkshire Dales Biodiversity Forum, on wildlife conservation in the Yorkshire Dales.
The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

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Top photo: The western Howgills from Dillicar; Bottom photo: Blencathra from Great Mell Fell