Western Howgills

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Saunterings:  Walking in North-West England  81 - 90

Saunterings is a set of reflections based upon walks around the counties of Cumbria, Lancashire and North Yorkshire in North-West England (more details of my ‘North-West England’ are given in the Preamble).

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lune ingleborough      90.   “One Form of Exercise – such as Walking” to the River   
     89.   Tracking the Thirlmere Aqueduct   
     88.   The Lune Millennium Park Artworks   
     87.   Around the Claughton Clay Pit   
     86.   Bluebells and Going Round the Lune Bend   
     85.   The Tarn Brook Heronry   
     84.   A Loop along Littledale Lanes   
     83.   Gray's Seat and the View from the Crook o'Lune   
     82.   A Peek into Artle Dale   
     81.   The Lost Meander of the Lune   

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Top photo: The western Howgills from Dillicar; Bottom photo: Blencathra from Great Mell Fell