The Wildlife of the Lune Region

John Self
published by Drakkar Press

2013 - 2016


The Wildlife of the Lune Region: A Beginnerís Guide describes a series of outings to explore the wildlife of the region within the Lune catchment.The Ďbeginnerí of the sub-title is me, not you.


The Wildlife of the Lune Region can be read here.

††††††††††††††††† Contents

1.†††††† Curlews on Green Bell

2.†††††† Snails on Sunbiggin Moor

3.†††††† Orchids on Great Asby Scar

4.†††††† Trees in Edithís Wood and Greta Wood

5.†††††† Cinnabar Caterpillars near Heysham Moss

6.†††††† Marsh Gentian on Keasden Moor

7.†††††† Small-Leaved Lime in Aughton Woods

8.†††††† Eels in the Wenning

9.†††††† Cattle on Fell End Clouds

10.†††† Pink-Footed Geese in the Wyre-Lune Sanctuary

11.†††† Purple Saxifrage on Ingleborough

12.†††† Sand Martins by the Lune

13.†††† Fell Ponies on Roundthwaite Common

14.†††† Cuckoos in Littledale

15.†††† Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillaries on Lawkland Moss

16.†††† Kingfishers by Bull Beck

17.†††† Himalayan-Balsam on the Upper Lune

18.†††† Juniper on Moughton

19.†††† Wolf-Spiders by the Lune

20.†††† Hen-Harriers in Roeburndale

21.†††† Sitka-Spruce in Dentdale

22.†††† Dippers in Barbon Beck

23.†††† Alpacas in Rawtheydale

24.†††† Hares at Winmarleigh Moss

25.†††† Lesser-Black-Backed-Gulls by Wolfhole Crag

26.†††† Red-Deer in Wasdale

27.†††† Buzzards at Wandale Hill

28.†††† Ferns on Leck Fell

29.†††† Yellow-Horned-Poppies at Middleton Sands

30.†††† Badgers in Lawsonís Wood

31.†††† Salmon in the Lune

32.†††† White Stoats on Caton Moor

33.†††† Rhododendron at Kitmere

34.†††† Lapwings on Swarth Fell

35.†††† Belted-Beauty-Moths at Sunderland Point

36.†††† Bluebells on Middleton Fell

37.†††† Swifts on Gragareth

38.†††† White-Clawed-Crayfish and Red-Squirrels around the Upper Lune

39.†††† Red-Grouse at Ward's Stone

40.†††† Wrens in Our Garden