Fifty Weeks Running

Ruminations of a Rusty Runner

John Self
published by Drakkar Press


Fifty Weeks Running (2011) is a sort of on-line diary reflecting on running (and other things) based on experiences of running around the region and elsewhere for thirty years, on and off.


It can be read here (in pdf) and here (on issuu).


Fifty Weeks Running contains the following sections (one for each week):


1.       Take up the Running†††††††††††††††††††

2.       Running Commentary†††††

3.       Hitting the Ground Running

4.       Do a Runner††††††††††††††††††††††

5.       Running Like Clockwork

6.       The School Run†††† ††††††††††

7.       Running Down the Clock

8.       Run Amuck††††††††††††

9.       Should Find A Running Banquet Ere They Rested

10.    In the Long Run

11.    Runner-Up

12.    Run Short

13.    Running It Fine†††††

14.    Sorry, Iíve Got To Run

15.    Home Run

16.    Out Run

17.    Running Rife†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

18.    Running Gear

19.    On the Run

20.    Can I Just Run Over That Again?

21.    Running the Gauntlet

22.    A Run For Your Money

23.    Itís Running A Little Funny

24.    Running Sore

25.    Run the Good Race

26.    Run For Your Life

27.    Running Away From Home

28.    Running Away From Home (continued)

29.    Running Away From Home (continued)

30.    Having A Clear Run At It

31.    System Failure, Run Recovery

32.    A Close-Run Thing

33.    Drug Running

34.    Running on Empty

35.    Run To A Standstill

36.    Running Sacred

37.    Up and Running

38.    Giving Me the Run Around

39.    Runs in the Family

40.    The Running of the Bulls

41.    Iíd Run a Mile

42.    Run Across

43.    Run to Seed

44.    Run Aground

45.    Running a Risk

46.    Run Your Eyes Over These

47.    Donít Run Away With the Idea

48.    Running Wild

49.    Running a Book On

50.    Running Out of Time