About the Author (John Self)

John Self has lived near Lancaster for over thirty years. Much of that time has been spent exploring on foot (walking or running) the high-ways and low-ways of the region. Occasionally, he would be prevented from doing so by the need to work – in the Department of Computing at the University of Lancaster and then as professor of knowledge-based systems in the School of Education at the University of Leeds and director of the Computer Based Learning Unit. In that capacity, he published over one hundred papers concerned with artificial intelligence and education.  He authored, or co-authored, seven books, including:

·        Learning and Teaching with Computers: Artificial Intelligence in Education (1983)

·        Artificial Intelligence and Human Learning (1988)

·        Computational Mathetics: Towards a Science of Learning Systems Design (1995)


Since then he has written (or is writing):


Whoever Said Computers Would Be Intelligent? (2005)

The Land of the Lune (first edition, 2008; second edition, 2010) is a 260-page guide (including over 200 photographs) to the region within the Lune watershed. 

Fifty Weeks Running: Ruminations of a Rusty Runner (2011) is a sort of on-line diary reflecting on running (and other things) based on experiences of running around the region and elsewhere for thirty years, on and off. 

Rainy Day Rambles in the Lake District (2015) is a set of ‘sketches’ about the Lake District.

The Wildlife of the Lune Region (2013 - 2016) describes a series of explorations of the wildlife of the region within the Lune catchment.