Western Howgills

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This page gives some notes of expeditions undertaken before those described in the Saunterings blog of walks in North-West England, started in 2018. I've included only those outings for which I have evidence that would stand up in a court of law (diary entries, photographs, and so on). If I only have a vague memory, forget it. Of course, only outings in North-West England qualify. Some of the outings were walks and some were runs - generally speaking, the longer ago it was the more likely it was a run. I never took a camera on a run, and quite often not on a walk either, especially in the early days, so photographic enlightenment becomes a little sparse. Nevertheless, I hope this page provides some background to Saunterings and an assurance that my feet, at least, are familiar with the region.

-1.  Around the Windmills of Caton Moor

On December 31 2017 I had my last run. I had resolved in December 2016 to run every day in 2017, and then stop, before starting the Saunterings blog. I wanted to end my running with a bang, rather than let it just wither away. So on my valedictory run, I ran around my old friends, the Caton windmills. I will not list the other 364 runs (sigh of relief). Since I ran every day, I didn't have much energy left for walks in 2017 but occasionally some friends insisted.
[December 2017; SD5464; Brookhouse - E, Quarry Road - Caton Moor Wind Farm - S, W, N, W, Quarry Road - Brookhouse; 6 miles]

-2.  Roeburndale's Hornby Road

It's a track really - described as "the finest moorland track in the north of England" (by whom I don't know).
[September 2017; SD5965; above Backsbottom Farm - S - Lower Salter - SE - High Salter Close - and back; 8 miles]

-3.  The Eastern Slopes of Bannisdale

Right: Bannisdale from Capplefall
[August 2017; NY5401; near Bannisdale Low Bridge - E - Dryhowe Bridge - N - The Forest - SE - Cappelfall, near Bannisdale Low Bridge; 5 miles]

-4.  Around Crook

Actually, this was two short runs, on two days.
[August 2017; SD4795; Pound Farm - W - Crook - NW - Waingap - NE, E, S, Crook Road - E - Pound Farm - S, Cappelrigg Lane - S, W, N - Lindreth Brow - NE, W - Pound Farm; 8 miles]

-5.  Malham Cove and Gordale Bridge

We went hoping to see the peregrines. We arrived to find the car-park full and the adjoining field filling fast. I assumed that there was some event on but the stewards said that it was like this every summer weekend. The poor residents of Malham - but then they have this spectacular scenery every day whereas most visitors have somewhere like Leeds or Bradford every day. We didn't see the peregrines.
[April 2017; SD9062; Malham - N - Malham Cove - SE - Gordale Bridge - SW - Mires Barn - N - Malham; 4.5 miles]

-6.  By Langden Brook

We went hoping to see a hen harrier. We didn't, and neither did most people in Bowland in 2017. No hen harriers nested in 2017 in Bowland, although the region was, a few years ago, the stronghold for hen harriers in England.
[April 2017; SD6351; south of Sykes Farm - W - Langden Castle - and back; 4 miles]
Great Mell Fell

-7.  Great Mell Fell

Right: Clough Head and Blencathra from Great Mell Fell
This was a short walk up the not-very-high Great Mell Fell (537m) after riding/running around the Troutbeck Head campsite in the morning.
[April 2017; NY4024; near Brownrigg Farm - E, N - Great Mell Fell - and back; 4 miles]

-8.  From Troutbeck to Ambleside

A Boxing Day amble (from the Mortal Man (coffee) to Zeffirellis (lunch)).
[December 2016; NY4103; (linear) Troutbeck - S, W, Robin Lane - Skelghyll Wood - NW - Ambleside; 4 miles]
Great Gable

-9.  Yewbarrow

Right: Great Gable and Sca Fell, from the foot of Yewbarrow
This was an afternoon scramble up Yewbarrow (628m), with magnificent views of Wasdale and Sca Fell, before a stay at the Santon Green campsite, with a starry night plus meteors.
[October 2016; NY1606; Overbeck Bridge - N - Dropping Crag - Yewbarrow - and back; 3 miles]

-10.  The Orton Crayfish

This was the last of a series of walks intended to investigate the wildlife of the region. These walks were rather unsuccessful and ultimately depressing. The species that I wanted to see did not want to be seen by me. Even the immobile ones (plants) made themselves scarce. And it was always us that had made the species rare. For example, white-clawed crayfish are now found in only a few North-West England watercourses because of pollution and the introduction of alien species. Our crayfish are now legally protected and therefore should not be disturbed. So I didn't really search for crayfish in the becks about Orton: I just had a walk instead.
[October 2016; NY6105; Old Tebay - NE - Coatflatt Hall, Coatflatt Bridge - E, NW - Orton - E, SE - Fawcett Mill - S, SW - Row End - W - Old Tebay; 7 miles]

-11.  A Circuit of The Cragg

[September 2016; SD5461; Little Cragg - SE - Skelbow Barn - E - Belhill Farm - N - Bradley's Farm - W - Pott Yeats - SW - Rushy Lee - NE - Baines Cragg - E - Little Cragg; 5 miles]

-12.  From Burneside to Potter Fell

Whenever we take our van to Burneside for a service we leave it there and go for a walk, usually up to Potter Fell. But I will only mention once a walk that is more or less repeated.
[August 2016; SD5095; Burneside - NW, Dales Way - Hagg Foot - E, N - Ghyll Pool, Potter Tarn - E - Gurnal Dubs, Birk Rigg - S, W - Gilpin Bank - S - Burneside; 8 miles]

-13.  Castle Knott on Middleton Fell

This walk up Castle Knott (538m) extended itself in response to our co-walkers' enthusiasm.
[July 2016; SD6582; Blindbeck Bridge - N - Castle Knott - SW, W - Eskholme Pike - W, S, E - Blindbeck Bridge; 5 miles]

-14.  Summersgill Fell

We walked on a concessionary path where nest-boxes had been installed for pied flycatchers. We saw plenty of nest-boxes but no flycatchers. But we heard a cuckoo, and a buzzard glided above.
[May 2016; SD6564; east of Stairend Bridge - W, S - Botton Mill - SW, concessionary path - Summersgill Fell - N, E - Stairend Bridge; 4 miles]

-15.  The Blue Fields of Middleton Fell

Right: Bluebells on Heartside Plantation
Every spring some fields on the western slopes of Middleton Fell turn blue. What are bluebells doing here in the open? The answer seems to be that they weren't always in the open: 150 years ago these fields were woodland.
[May 2016; SD6287; A683 - S - Larum Gill - W, concessionary path by Larum Gill and Brow Gill - Heartside Plantation - and back; 4 miles]

-16.  Hareden Fell in Bowland

[April 2016; SD6450; By bridge to Hareden Farm - SE, along track by Hareden Brook - Hareden Fell - back along ridge; 5 miles]
belted beauty moths

-17.  Belted Beauty Moths at Sunderland Point

Right: Searching for belted beauty moths at Potts Corner
Lepidopterists carry out an annual survey of the rare belted beauty moth at Sunderland Point. I infiltrated the search party and managed to see a couple of the moths.
[April 2016; SD4357; The Ship, Overton - W - Trumley Farm, Middle Brows - SW - Potts Corner - S - Sunderland Point - and back; 7 miles]

-18.  Outhwaite Wood, Roeburndale

[March 2016; SD5965; above Backsbottom Farm - E, S - through Outhwaite Wood - Barkin Bridge - N - above Backsbottom Farm; 5 miles]

-19.  Ingleton Falls

The 'tourist' walk around the Ingleton Falls, followed by an amble around the Ribblehead Viaduct and a trip into the White Scar Caves.
[March 2016; SD6973; Ingleton - N - Raven Ray - SE - Beezleys - SW - Ingleton; 4.5 miles]
Caton Moor

-20.  Snowy Caton Moor

Right: The track down from Caton Moor
After the first snow of winter I set out looking for white stoats. I have only ever seen two on Caton Moor - so I wasn't likely to see one just when I wanted to.
[January 2016; SD5464; Brookhouse - SE - Reservoir - E - Traitor’s Gill, Caton Moor wind turbines - N - picnic spot - E - Caton Moor trig point - W - picnic spot, Quarry Road, Moorside Farm, Brookhouse; 6 miles]

-21.  Along the Lune from Arkholme

I hoped to see salmon leaping here (as I had a decade or so ago) but the Lune seemed devoid of life. I saw one fisherman but I didn't see him catch anything.
[October 2015; SD5872; Arkholme - SE - River Lune - N, along Lune - opposite Nether Burrow - and back; 8 miles]
Middleton Sands

-22.  Middleton Sands (with very little sand)

Right: From Middleton Sands towards Heysham Power Station (with yellow horned-poppy in the foreground)
I walked along a coastline that was pristine, if ordinary, 200 years ago. Today we have thoroughly trashed it.
[September 2015; SD4157; Potts Corner - N, along 'beach' - Red Nab - and back (partly over the mud); 4 miles]

-23.  Great Coum and Gragareth

This was the last of a set of walks to get to the 70 highest tops within the Lune watershed in the 70 days before my 70th birthday. I've given the heights of the 70 tops in the route descriptions.
[June 2015; SD6779; by Lost John's Cave - NE - Green Hill (628m) - N - Great Coum (687m) - S - Green Hill, Gragareth (627m) - W - Three Men of Gragareth - SW - by Lost John's Cave; 9 miles]

-24.  A Circuit of Upper Borrowdale

This is not the Borrowdale near Derwent Water but the Borrowdale of the Shap Fells.
[June 2015; NY5403; south of High Borrow Bridge - W - The Forest (528m) - NW - White Howe (530m), Long Crag (493m) - N - Lord's Seat (524m) - SE - Robin Hood (493m), High House Bank (495m) - NE - Hazel Bank - E - road - S - High Borrow Bridge; 8 miles]
Baugh Fell

-25.  Baugh Fell

Right: The southern Howgills from the slope up Baugh Fell
[June 2015; SD6991; Tom Croft Hill - NW - Garsdale Foot - N, E - Knoutberry Haw (676m) - Tarn Rigg Hill (678m) - and back; 8 miles]

-26.  The Calf from Sedbergh

The main memory of this walk is of the very welcome ice-cream provided at Lockbank Farm.
[June 2015; SD6592; near Lockbank Farm - NW - Winder (473m) - N - Arant Haw (605m), Calders (674m) - E - Great Dummacks (663m) - W - Bram Rigg Top (672m) - N - The Calf (676m) - S - Sedbergh; 9 miles]

-27.  A Langdale Loop

This is not the Langdale of the Lake District but the Langdale of the Howgills.
[June 2015; NY6405; Gaisgill - SE - Longdale, Langdale Knott (477m) - E - West Fell (542m) - S - Hazelgill Knott (578m) - W - Simon's Seat (587m) - NW - Middleton (496m) - N, NW - Gaisgill; 11 miles]

-28.  The North-Eastern Howgills

Right: Cautley Crag and Yarlside from Wandale Hill
This walk was enlivened by buzzards. Two mewed agitatedly above me near Murthwaite, and then repeatedly swooped aggressively towards me. Obviously, they had young nearby - but where? I decided, bravely, to walk up the open fell as buzzards do not nest there.
[June 2015; SD7197; by Rawthey Bridge - NE, N - Murthwaite - N - Harter Fell (521m) - W - Adamthwaite Bank (481m), Grere Fell (544m) - N - Knoutberry (529m) - W - Green Bell (605m) - SW, NW - Hooksey Top (586m) - S - Randygill Top (620m) - S - Kensgriff (574m) - S - Yarlside (639m) - E - Wandale Hill (497m) - E, S - Narthwaite - NE - Rawthey Bridge; 11 miles]
Blea Moor

-29.  Blea Moor and Great Knoutberry Hill

Right: Ingleborough and the Ribblehead Viaduct from Blea Moor
[June 2015; SD7784; Dent Head Viaduct - NW - Bridge End - S - Dent Head Farm - SW, SE - Blea Moor (535m) - E, NE - Blake Rake Road - N, SE, N - Wold Fell (558m), Great Knoutberry Hill (672m) - SW - Arten Gill Viaduct - W, S - Dent Head Viaduct; 10 miles]

-30.  Calf Top

[June 2015; SD6582; Blindbeck Bridge - N - Castle Knott (538m), Calf Top (610m), Barkin Top - SE - road - S - Blindbeck Bridge; 6 miles]

-31.  The North-Western Howgills

On this walk I met two runners who were attempting the Harvey Howgills, that is, they aimed to run up all 40 named Howgill tops over 400m in one day (that's about 60km and 3,500m of ascent). Why do people set themselves these ridiculous challenges? Mind you, many of the Howgill tops are conveniently huddled together - I visited ten of them on this walk, taking me to nearly half-way through my 70 Lune tops.
[May 2015; SD6299; Carlingill Bridge - SE - Linghaw (490m) - E - Fell Head, Breaks Head (638m) - SE - Bush Howe (623m) - NW, NE, NW - Over Sale (520m) - N - Docker Knott (530m) - NW - Hand Lake (495m) - SW - Uldale Head (530m) - N - Rispa Pike 470m) - E - Hare Shaw (472m) - S - Blease Fell (474m) - SE, SW - Carlingill Bridge; 10 miles]

-32.  Whernside from Kingsdale

[May 2015; SD7179; Kingsdale Head - NE - Whernside (736m) - W - the road - N, W - High Pike (537m) - SW, S by Back Gill - Kingsdale Head; 7 miles]
White Hill

-33.  White Hill and Great Harlow

Right: The Three Peaks (Whernside, Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent) from Great Harlow
This was really two short walks with the car parked at the Cross of Greet on the Slaidburn Road at the middle of a sort of figure of eight.
[May 2015; SD6860; Cross of Greet - S - White Hill (544m) - and back - NE - Crowd Stones - SE - Great Harlow (486m) - W - Grey Crag, Cross of Greet; 6 miles]

-34.  An Extended Wasdale Loop

This is not the Wasdale of the Lake District but the Wasdale of the Shap Fells. At Wasdale Pike a couple of red deer passed us and then, as we dropped into Wasdale, a herd of perhaps thirty red deer contoured around the fell opposite.
[May 2015; NY5506; P on A6 - W - Whatshaw Common (484m) - NW - Little Yarlside (516m), Great Yarlside (585m) - W - Harrop Pike (637m) - back to Great Yarlside - NE - Wasdale Pike (565m) - SE - P on A6; 10 miles]
Wild Boar Fell

-35.  Swarth Fell and Wild Boar Fell

Right: Wild Boar Fell from Swarth Fell
[May 2015; SD7298; by Foggy Hill - SE - Uldale House, Holmes Moss - E - Joseph's House, Swarth Fell Pike (651m) - NW - Swarth Fell (681m) - N, NE - Wild Boar Fell (708m) - SW - Fox Hole - W, NW - Foggy Hill; 11 miles]

-36.  The Whinfell Ridge above Borrowdale

[May 2015; NY6001; by Borrowdale Wood - S - Grayrigg Pike 478m) - W - Grayrigg Forest (494m) - W - Whinfell Beacon (472m) - N - Castle Fell (482m) - NW - Mabbin Crag (482m) - E, by Borrow Beck - Borrowdale Wood; 9 miles]

-37.  Aye Gill Pike

Aye Gill Pike is a 'loner', so only one top could be visited on this outing.
[May 2015; SD7087; Dent - NE, via Hall Bank permissive path - Aye Gill Pike (556m) - NW, to Dales High Way - S - Barth Bridge - SE - Dent; 7 miles]
Wolfhole Crag

-38.  Ward's Stone and Wolfhole Crag

Right: Wolfhole Crag trig point
This walk was partly to see how the lesser black-backed gulls were getting on. The short answer is 'not very well'. The long answer is too long for here.
[May 2015; SD6063; Barkin Bridge - SE - Alderstone Bank - SW, on track - Brown Syke - E - Wolfhole Crag (527m) - W - Brown Syke, Grey Crag, Ward's Stone (561m) - NE, N - High Stephen's Head - NW, N - Mallowdale, Barkin Bridge; 14 miles]

-39.  Ingleborough from near Ribblehead

This was the first walk in the 70-in-70-by-70 challenge. Although it was late April, it was cold on the snowy top of Ingleborough. Two lady walkers in shorts had red raw legs.
[April 2015; SD7578; by Sleights Pasture - SE - Park Fell (563m) - SW - Simon Fell (650m), Ingleborough (723m) - SW, NW - Tatham Wife Moss - NE - Meregill Hole, Scar Close, Sleights Pasture; 10 miles]

-40.  Winmarleigh Moss

Right: Winmarleigh Moss (the re-wetted part to the right is a metre higher than the green fields to the left)
I went to see how the project to re-wet Winmarleigh Moss, a rare remnant of a lowland raised bog, was progressing.
[April 2015; SD4551; Cocker Bridge - SE - Great Crimbles, Hardhead - SE, SW (along Crawley's Dyke) - Poplar Farm - N - Moss Edge Farm - NE - Great Crimbles - N - Cocker Bridge; 8 miles]

-41.  Dowbiggin, at the foot of Baugh Fell

This was a short walk mainly to see the alpacas at Ghyllas.
[March 2015; SD6792; Straight Bridge - E - Fellgate - NE - Nor Gill - SW - Hebblethwaite Hall, Ghyllas, Straight Bridge; 5 miles]

-42.  Ward's Stone

[March 2015; SD5754; by church on Long Lane - SE - Top of Emmetts - NE (Wyre Way) - Tarnbrook - N - luncheon hut - NW - Ward's Stone Breast - NE - Ward's Stone - S - luncheon hut, and back; 8 miles]

-43.  Beetham

A walk after visiting the garden centre, seeing kingfisher and nuthatch (at the same time) and hearing woodpecker.
[February 2015; SD4979; Garden Centre - S - Beetham Hall, Hale - E, through Marble Quarry - NW - Fairy Steps - N, NE - Garden Centre; 4 miles]

-44.  Barbondale

Right: Barbon Beck
I went wondering if the wrens that frolic by Barbon Beck in the summer are still there in the winter. They aren't. I suppose they hunker down in the woods. I did see dippers though.
[January 2015; SD6282; Barbon village hall - N, E (through wood) - Blindbeck Bridge - N (on west bank) - Short Gill - S, W (on road) - Barbon; 8 miles]

-45.  Loughrigg Fell

A post-Christmas stroll on Loughrigg Fell, shortened by a slip and bashed knee.
[December 2014; NY3506; White Moss - S - Loughrigg Terrace, Loughrigg Fell - and back; 2 miles]

-46.  Blea Moor and Dent Head

I went to see what was happening with the Mossy Bottom Plantation. Good news: the Sitka was being felled. Bad news: it was being replaced by young Sitka.
[December 2014; SD7679; by Ribblehead Viaduct - N - Little Dale, over Blea Moor Tunnel, Dent Head Farm - SE, S - Gearstones - SW - Ribblehead Viaduct; 9 miles]
Loyn Bridge

-47.  The Lune above Loyn Bridge

Right: Loyn Bridge at Hornby
I wanted to see where some rare wolf spiders live (too rare for me to expect to see the wolf spiders themselves).
[September 2014; SD5869; Loyn Bridge - N, by Lune - Arkholme - and back; 4 miles]

-48.  Moughton and Crummackdale

Right: Pen-y-ghent from Moughton
I had heard that the juniper (now rare in the Dales) on Moughton had become diseased. We found juniper dying of old age but couldn't really see signs of a recent disease. We didn't search the juniper for too long, preferring instead to wander over Moughton Scars.
[September 2014; SD7668; by Austwick Bridge - NE - Wharfe - NW, N, NE - Whetstone Hole - S - Moughton trig point - N, NW, along Moughton Scars - Beggar's Stile - S - Crummack, Austwick Bridge; 9 miles]

-49.  Pike of Blisco from Wrynose

A short walk but with a heavy backpack.
[August 2014; NY2702; Three Shire Stone, Wrynose - NW, NE - Pike of Blisco - SE - Wrynose Bridge - SW - Three Shire Stone; 3 miles]

-50.  Lawkland Moss

This was actually two short walks, a week apart, in search of the small pearl-bordered fritillary (first walk, no; second walk, yes).
[June 2014; SD7665; Eldroth - N - Middlesber - E - Lawkland - SW - Eldroth; SD7668; by Austwick Bridge - S - Owlet Hall, Middlesber - E - Lawkland - N - Austwick Bridge; 6 miles]

-51.  Lowgill in Tatham

A figure of eight walk around the village of Lowgill.
[June 2014; SD6367; by Ridges - S - Furnessford Bridge, Lower Houses - SE - Lowgill - S, SW - Stairend Bridge - N - Over Houses Great Wood - E - Mill Bridge - N - Spen Row - NW - Ridges; 9 miles]

-52.  From the Crook o'Lune to Halton Bridge

One of many short walks from the Crook o'Lune (the only one I'll add here).
[June 2014; SD5264; Crook o'Lune - W - Halton Bridge - E - Halton Mills, Crook o'Lune; 3 miles]
lower Borrowdale

-53.  Roundthwaite and lower Borrowdale

Right: Lower Borrowdale from Belt Howe
Fell ponies and skylarks.
[April 2014; NY6003; Roundthwaite - SW, W - Belt Howe - NW - Roundthwaite Common, Whinash, Breasthigh Road - SW - Borrow Beck - SE - Low Borrowdale - E - Belt Howe - NE - Roundthwaite; 9 miles]

-54.  Clougha from The Cragg

[April 2014; SD5461; Little Cragg - W - Bark Barn - S, SE, along track - N - Sweet Beck, Little Cragg; 5 miles]

-55.  Ingleborough from near White Scar Caves

Right: Ingleborough from Raven Scar, with old landslip prominent
On a walk to see the purple saxifrage I found a cagoule with car-keys, which caused me much mental anguish. I left it there but driving home through Ingleton I noticed a police station so I told them. They more or less told me to go back for it and bring it to them, which I did. I also tried the keys in the few cars parked and left a note on the windscreen of the car (actually a camper van) that they fitted. Whether the driver was happy about that, I don't know.
[March 2014; SD7175; layby by disused quarry - E, over Tatham Wife Moss - Black Shiver (where I potted about amongst the purple saxifrage) - E - Ingleborough - SW, S - layby; 5 miles]

-56.  Barbondale and Kirkby Lonsdale

Two short walks, before and after a Barbon Boxing Day lunch.
[December 2013; SD6282; Barbon - N, E - Blindbeck Bridge - W - Barbon; SD6178; Devil's Bridge - N, NW - Ruskin's View - S, SE - Devil's Bridge; 6 miles]

-57.  Roeburndale, below Whit Moor

Many starlings and a bird of prey.
[November 2013; SD5863; by cattle grid - SE - Haylot Farm - N - Thornbush - SW - cattle grid; 5 miles]
The Clouds

-58.  Murthwaite and The Clouds

Right: Fell End Clouds, with its lone sycamore (Wild Boar Fell in the cloud)
[September 2013; SD7197; Rawthey Bridge - NE, W, NW - Murthwaite - E - Streetside - N - Cold Keld - E - Fell End Clouds - SW - Wraygreen, Rawthey Bridge; 6 miles]

-59.  Reston Scar, Staveley

[August 2013; SD4698; Staveley - NW - Reston Scar - N - Black Crag - SE - Staveley; 3 miles]

-60.  Heysham Moss

I went to see how Heysham Moss had been affected by the disastrous fire reported in the paper - I could see no sign of it. It must have recovered quickly!
[July 2013; SD4462; (linear) VW garage - SW - North Farm, Heysham Moss - W, NW - Lower Heysham - NE - The Platform; 7 miles]
Orton Scar

-61.  Great Asby Scar and Sunbiggin Tarn

Right: Below Great Asby Scar (guess which field doesn't have sheep in it)
I searched for flowers on the limestone scars and around the tarn. Plenty of orchids. I was puzzled by a bogbean with the wrong number of petals. I see now that I photographed a bird's eye primrose without knowing it.
[June 2013; NY6208; Orton - E - stone circle - N, NW - Little Kinmond - S - Sunbiggin Tarn - W - Raisbeck, Orton; 10 miles]

-62.  Robert Hall Moor, near Bentham

Robert Hall Moor is a SSSI for being a rare example of unimproved grassland in Lancashire, but it didn't look anything special to me.
[June 2013; SD6569; Low Bentham - SW - Hunter's Barn - W, S, W - Perry Moor - N, E - Hunter's Barn - NE - Low Bentham; 4 miles]
Green Bell

-63.  Green Bell and Randygill Top

Right: The northern Howgills from Green Bell trig point
This was the first of a series of walks investigating the wildlife of the Lune region. I began at the source of the Lune, Green Bell. I soon realised that I needed to be at the right place at the right time for wildlife.
[April 2013; NY7103; Greenside, Ravenstonedale - SW - Green Bell, Randygill Top - and back; 8 miles]

-64.  From Hornby by the Lune

We took the bus to Hornby and walked back alongside the Lune (using a permissive path to Claughton Beck that is no longer available: the bridge has been washed away).
[March 2013; SD5868; (linear) Hornby - SE, on south bank of Wenning and Lune - Bull Beck - S - Brookhouse; 5 miles]
Pike of Blisco

-65.  Pike of Blisco from Blea Tarn

Right: Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell from Pike of Blisco
An Easter walk in the snow.
[March 2013; NY2904; Blea Tarn - N, W, SW - Pike of Blisco - SE - Wrynose Bridge - E, N - Blea Tarn; 5 miles]

-66.  Raise ski-lift

I walked up with skis, then walked on.
[February 2013; NY3617; Glenridding youth hostel - NW, W along The Chimney - ski-lift - and about, and back; 5 miles]

-67.  Malham Cove

A post-Christmas, post-lunch stroll over Malham Cove, including a foot stuck in a grike.
[December 2012; SD9062; Malham - N - Malham Cove - SE - Malham; 4 miles]
Millom Park

-68.  Millom Park

Right: Lake District hills (Coniston hills central) from Millom Park
[October 2012; SD1782; layby east of Park Plantation - clockwise around Millom Park - layby; 3 miles]

-69.  Black Combe

After a ride on Silecroft beach.
[October 2012; SD1382; Murthwaite Green Farm - N - Black Combe - and back; 6 miles]

-70.  Highfields from Crook o'Lune

We gathered from a farmer that he wasn't overly fond of foxes and badgers.
[October 2012; SD6264; Crook o'Lune - NE - Hawkshead, beyond Middle Highfield - and back; 5 miles]

-71.  Dunsop Bridge and Middle Knott

Swallows still nesting, late September.
[September 2012; SD6550; Dunsop Bridge - N - Foot Holme - anticlockwise around Middle Knott - and back; 8 miles]

-72.  Whernside from Chapel-le-Dale

Right: Ingleborough and hang-glider from Whernside
[September 2012; SD7477; Old Hill Inn - SW, N - Bruntscar, Whernside - and back; 7 miles]

-73.  Norber

One of a few short walks on a drive around Ribblehead Viaduct, Horton and Norber.
[July 2012; SD7668; Austwick - N - Norber - and back; 3 miles]

-74.  From Sellet Hall

A short walk while some horse event was happening at Sellet Hall.
[November 2011; SD5185; Settle Hall - E, N - Crosscrake - NE - Mill Bridge - S, SW - Stainton, Settle Hall; 3 miles]
Old Man

-75.  Blind Tarn from Torver

Right: Dow Crag and The Old Man of Coniston
I cannot remember where we went after Blind Tarn!
[October 2011; SD2894; Torver - N, NW - Torver Bridge - E - Blind Tarn - and back; 6 miles]

-76.  Torver from Park Coppice

This walk from the Park Coppice camp-site included a meal in Torver followed by a walk back in the dark (by mobile phone light).
[October 2011; SD2995; Park Coppice - NE, S on Cumbria Way - SW - Reservoir - N - Torver - NE - Park Coppice; 6 miles]

-77.  Melling Wood and Mallowdale

[September 2011; SD5863; by cattle grid - E, SE - Mallowdale - E, N - Middle Salter - S - Haylot Farm - NW, W - cattle grid; 4 miles]

-78.  Farleton Knott

A short walk on the way to collect music. Saw a fox scampering over the crags.
[September 2011; SD5279; Holme - W - Holmepark Fell - N - Farleton Knott - S, on grassy strip - Holme Park Farm; 4 miles]

-79.  From Netherby, Gressingham to home

A number of my walks/runs were after I was tipped out of the car and left to make my way home. I include this one as representative of them.
[August 2011; SD5569; (linear) Netherby - S - Aughton, Aughton Barns - SW - Waterworks Bridge - S - Brookhouse; 5 miles]
Smardale Viaduct

-80.  Smardale and Scotch argus

Right: Smardalegill Viaduct
We went looking for Scotch argus butterflies (which are found in only a few places in England). We picnicked among hundreds of them.
[August 2011; NY7308; Smardale Hall - SW, on old railway line - old quarries - NE - Smardale Fell - N - Smardale Hall; 5 miles]

-81.  Conder Head

[July 2011; SD5461; Little Cragg - SE, SW - below source of River Conder - W - Birkbank - NE - Bark Barn - E - Little Cragg; 4 miles]

-82.  Longridge Fell

Right: Parlick and Saddle Fell from Longridge Fell
[January 2011; SD6340; Cardwell House car park - NE - Spire Hill - and back; 4 miles]

-83.  Gatescarth Pass, Longsleddale

Right: The beginning of Gatescarth Pass at Sadgill
A Boxing Day outing. Some of us preferred to return over Kentmere Pike and Shipman Knotts; others (including me) opted to go back down the pass.
[December 2010; NY4805; Sadgill - N - top of Gatescarth Pass - and back; 6 miles]

-84.  Raise

A reconnaisance mission, to locate The Chimney (after the problems mentioned in walk -90 and in preparation for, for example, walk -66). We continued to Raise and became a little disoriented in the cloud.
[October 2010; NY3617; Glenridding youth hostel - NW, W along The Chimney - ski-lift, Raise, along ridge - and back; 6 miles]

-85.  Across the Howgills, from Sedbergh to Ravenstonedale

I don't normally meet people on the Howgills but this time I had two odd encounters. First, on Calders a couple refused to believe that they were not at The Calf even though I pointed out The Calf trig point a mile ahead. Then, at The Calf, a group there seemed to find my arrival amusing. OK, maybe I looked a bit weary but what can be expected of a 65-year-old running (mainly) all the way across the Howgills, south to north, in 2 hours 20?
[July 2010; SD6592; (linear) Lockbank Farm - NW, N - past Winder, past Arant Haw, Calders, The Calf - NE - Yarlside - N - Kensgriff, Randygill Top - NE - Green Bell , Knoutberry, Town Head, Ravenstonedale; 10 miles]

-86.  Hayshaw Fell, Bowland

[June 2010; SD5349; Grizedale Bridge - NE - Grizedale Fell - N - Stones (with inscriptions), as it says on OS map - W - Foxhouses Brook - S - Grizedale Bridge; 4 miles]

-87.  Roeburndale and Mallowdale

[June 2010; SD6065; above Backsbottom Farm - E, across Roeburn - road - S - Stauvin, Harterbeck - SW - High Salter, Mallowdale - NW - Haylot Farm - N - above Backsbottom Farm; 9 miles]

-88.  From Horton-in-Ribblesdale to Birkwith Moor

[April 2010; SD8072; Horton - N, along Pennine Way - Birkwith Moor - W - Old Ing - N - Ling Gill Bridge - W, SW - Nether Lodge - SE - High Birkwith - S - Scale Pasture - E - High Pasture - S - Sell Gill Holes, Horton; 11 miles]

-89.  From Keswick around Glenderaterra Beck

[April 2010; NY2822; Castlerigg Farm - E, N - stone circle - NE (under A66) - Wescoe - NW, N - ford across Glenderaterra Beck - S, SW - Latrigg, Keswick - SE - Castlerigg Farm; 10 miles]
Causey Pike

-90.  Bleaberry Fell

Right: Skiddaw from Bleaberry Fell
Two of us opted to walk on Bleaberry Fell; and two of us opted to ski (in April!) at Raise (the latter two missed The Chimney and floundered somewhat in snow drifts before reaching the ski-lift).
[April 2010; NY2822; Castlerigg Farm - S, SE - Castlerigg Fell - S - Bleaberry Fell - W - Brown Knotts - N - Castlerigg Farm; 5 miles]

-91.  Grit Fell from Jubilee Tower

[March 2010; SD5457; Jubilee Tower - SE - Lower Lee - NW - Tarnbrook - N - luncheon hut - NW, W, across Dunkenshaw Fell - luncheon hut - N - watershed - W - Grit Fell - SW - Jubilee Tower; 9 miles]

-92.  Around Pilling

Right: Towards Pilling from Lane Ends
This was the last of many walks 'researching' for the The Land of the Lune book.
[March 2010; SD4149; Lane Ends - SE - Moss House - SW - Bond's Farm - SE - Bone Hill Bridge - W - Bradshaw Lane - N - Broadfleet Bridge - NE - Land Ends; 6 miles]

-93.  Clapdale

[February 2010; SD7469; Clapham - E, N, along Long Lane - Grange Rigg - W, SE - Trow Gill - S - Clapham; 7 miles]
Blackberry Lane

-94.  Up Blackberry Lane

Right: The Lune valley and, beyond the ridge, some of the Lake District tops
Our most common short walk is up what we call Blackberry Lane. After a mile or so, from the gate, we can see the Lake District tops, and a little further we see Ward's Stone, the highest point of Bowland, and from the top we see the Dales' Three Peaks. I just include this entry to represent many such walks.
[February 2010; SD5464; Brookhouse - SE - bridge over Traitor's Gill - and back; 4 miles]

-95.  Easedale Tarn

A post-Christmas walk in snow.
[December 2009; NY3307; Grasmere - NW - Easedale, Easedale Tarn - and back; 7 miles]
Ribblehead Viaduct

-96.  Ribblehead Viaduct

Right: The Ribblehead Viaduct and Pen-y-ghent
[November 2009; SD7679; Blea Moor Road - NW, N - aqueduct - SW - Winterscales - S - Gunnerfleet Farm - E - Blea Moor Road; 5 miles]

-97.  Middleton Fell

[October 2009; SD6289; layby on A683 - E - Fellside - E, SE - Barkin Top - SW - Calf Top - NW - Cartsaddle Hill - NE, N, W - Fellside, layby; 9 miles]

-98.  Great Shunner Fell from Hardraw

[October 2009; SD8691; Hardraw - NW - Cotterdale - N, NE - Great Shunner Fell - S, SE, along Pennine Way - Hardraw; 12 miles]

-99.  Around Dockray and Aira Force

Right: The head of Ullswater
This was a walk between two concerts of the Lake District Music Festival, at Penrith and Ambleside.
[August 2009; NY3921; P near Parkgate Farm - E, N, W - Dockray - SW - below Swineside Knott - NE - Aira Force - N, W - P; 5 miles]

-100.  Green Bell

A walk up Green Bell while others were rehearsing for the Ravenstonedale Prom.
[July 2009; NY7204; Ravenstonedale - W, SW - High Cocklake, Green Bell - E, NE - Town Head, Ravenstonedale; 7 miles]

-101.  Goodber Common

It was very isolated on Goodber Common, apart from the curlews and lapwings angry at their nesting being disturbed.
[June 2009; SD6563; Stairend Bridge - W, SW, permissive path - Summersgill Fell - N - Grey Stone, Jack's Nook - W - White Moss, Stairend Bridge; 5 miles]
Great Gable

-102.  Scafell Pike from Wasdale

Right: Lingmell and Great Gable from Scafell Pike
With friends (not serious walkers) who wanted to conquer England's highest peak.
[May 2009; NY1807; P at Brackenclose - E - Mickledore - NE - Scafell Pike - NW - Lingmell - W, SW - P; 6 miles]

-103.  Leck Valley

[May 2009; SD6376; Cowan Bridge - NE - Ease Gill Kirk - and back; 8 miles]

-104.  The Upper Lune

[May 2009; SD6805; Wath - W - Potlands, Kelleth - S - Cotegill - E - Bowderdale - SE - Weasdale - N - Gars, Wath; 7 miles]

-105.  Around Winmarleigh

Pilling Moss is very flat - the farms are on tiny hillocks, two of which were called Island Farm.
[April 2009; SD4847; A6 layby - W - Davis Bridge, Winmarleigh Hall, Gift Hall - SW - Island Farm - S - (another) Island Farm - SE, N - Nateby Hall - NE, along canal - Davis Bridge - E - layby; 7 miles]
Richard Man

-106.  Crag Hill

Right: The Howgills from Richard Man
[February 2009; SD6681; Bullpot - NE - Richard Man, Crag Hill - NE - Short Gill Bridge - SW - Blindbeck Bridge - SE, S - Bullpot; 8 miles]

-107.  Dow Crag and The Old Man of Coniston

A Boxing Day walk in heavy frost.
[December 2008; SD2894; Torver - NW - Walna Scar - N - Brown Pike, Dow Crag - NE, SE - The Old Man of Coniston - S, over Little Arrow Moor - SE - Torver; 8 miles]

-108.  Black Force

[November 2008; SD6299; Carlingill Bridge - E - Black Force - S, on east ridge - footpath - SW - Linghaw - NW - Carlingill Bridge; 5 miles]

-109.  To Aughton from Home

[November 2008; SD5464; Brookhouse - N - Waterworks Bridge - NE (higher path in Lawson's Wood) - Aughton Barns - N - Aughton - around triangle - and back (on lower path), Brookhouse; 7 miles]

-110.  A Circuit of Bowderdale

Right: Langdale from West Fell
[September 2008; NY6805; Wath - SW - Bowderdale, West Fell - S, SW - The Calf - NE - Bowderdale Beck, Yarlside - N - Randygill Top - NE - Green Bell - S - Weasdale - NW - Gars, Wath; 14 miles]

-111.  Fell End Clouds and Uldale Gill

We had our lunch break overlooking three streams gushing from the bank of Uldale Gill, indicating that we were on the line of the Dent Fault, with a transition from limestone to millstone grit.
[September 2008; NY7300; old quarry - SE - above Fell End Clouds - S - Uldale Gill - S - Whin Stone Gill Bridge - NW - Streetside - NE - quarry; 9 miles]

-112.  Ease Gill

There were tadpoles at Ease Gill Kirk. It must have its own micro-climate.
[September 2008; SD6681; Bullpot - E, SE - Ease Gill - W - Ease Gill Kirk - N - Bullpot; 4 miles]

-113.  Hawthornthwaite Fell Top

Right: Black Clough, on the way up Hawthornthwaite Fell
The most memorable thing about this walk was the trig point at the top! It was perched on its concrete base about five feet above ground level, that amount of peat having been eroded away.
[August 2008; SD5953; by Marshaw Wyre - SE, S - Black Clough - SW, W - Hawthornthwaite Fell Top - and back; 6 miles]

-114.  Ingleborough and Simon Fell

Right: Whernside and Chapel-le-Dale
[July 2008; SD7175; layby by old quarry - SE, NW, across Tatham Wife Moss - SE, SW - Ingleborough - NE - Simon Fell - NW, across Souther Scales Fell - W, across Harry Hallam's Moss, along Raven Scar, layby; 8 miles]

-115.  Blencathra

Right: Sunset over Blencathra from Askew Rigg Farm
This was the second of two walks from Askew Rigg Farm, marking our anniversary. We did not set out intending to walk up Blencthra but we did, as is the way.
[April 2008; NY3727; Askew Rigg Farm - W - Southerfell - SW - Mousthwaite Comb - NW - Blencathra - and back; 8 miles]

-116.  Bannerdale Crags

[April 2008; NY3727; Askew Rigg Farm - N - Mungrisdale - W, around Bannerdale Crags - SE - White Horse Bent - NE, by River Glenderamackin - Mungrisdale (meal) - S - Askew Rigg Farm; 10 miles]

-117.  Masongill and Ireby

[February 2008; SD6571; Burton-in-Lonsdale, by river - N, NW - Masongill Lowfields - N - Masongill - W - Ireby - S - Burton-in-Lonsdale; 6 miles]
Studrigg Scar

-118.  Crummackdale and Studrigg Scar

Right: Studrigg Scar
This walk was mainly to photograph the unconformity on Studrigg Scar. Two merlins were squabbling noisily on the cliffs.
[September 2007; SD7668; Austwick Bridge - NE - Wharfe - N - Studrigg - S - Austwick; 5 miles]

-119.  Wansfell

[August 2007; NY3704; Ambleside - E - Wansfell Pike - E, S, Hundreds Road - NW - Ambleside; 5 miles]

-120.  By Duddon Sands

A short walk before a concert in Ulverston and a stay at a campsite where our van needed to be towed out of the mud.
[August 2007; SD2381; Low Hall campsite - SW - Soutergate Crossing, Dunnerholme - E - Marsh Grange - N - Soutergate - NE - Low Hall; 5 miles]

-121.  Totridge from Hareden

Right: North-east from Totridge (Ingleborough just visible in the middle)
[August 2007; SD6450; By Hareden Bridge - S, across Riggs Plantation - SW - Totridge - SW - near David's Tomb - N - Hareden Fell shooting lodge - N, W, along track - Hareden Farm; 7 miles]

-122.  Loughrigg and Elterwater

We walked our Australian friends over to Elterwater for a good lunch but then, unbeknownst to us, they ordered a full cream tea too. It was a bloated walk back.
[August 2007; NY3506; White Moss car park - S - Loughrigg - SE - Elterwater - NE - High Close, White Moss car park; 5 miles]
Striding Edge

-123.  Striding Edge, Helvellyn and Swirral Edge

Right: Striding Edge
The classic Striding Edge loop!
[April 2007; NY3816; Glenridding - SW - Striding Edge, Helvellyn - NE - Swirral Edge, Catstye Cam, Youth Hostel - E - Glenridding; 9 miles]

-124.  Roeburndale and Wolfhole Crag

Right: The head of Roeburndale, with the Hornby Road track
[April 2007; SD6063; Barkin Bridge - SE - High Salter, Alderstone Bank - S, on track - Brown Syke - E - Wolfhole Crag - and back; 14 miles]

-125.  Calf Top and Great Coum

This walk was part of an orchestra's 'away weekend'. The walk organisers had not allowed for the varying walking fitness of the walkers. The walk proved far too long, with some being left behind to straggle back late. There was a barn dance in the evening! (Not for me.)
[April 2007; SD6282; Barbon - N, E, NE - Castle Knott, Calf Top, Barkin Top - SE, track on South Lord's Land - S, SE, S - Great Coum - SW - Crag Hill, track near Bullpot - NW, W - Barbon; 14 miles]

-126.  Bowber Head, Bents, Clouds and the Rawthey

We managed a number of short walks to/from/during a stay at Bowber Head campsite, none warranting a full entry, so I'll just mention them here, without details: around Bowber Head to the Fat Lamb (and back in the dark); around Brownber and Bents Farm, north of Newbiggin-on-Lune; on Fell End Clouds; by the River Rawthey from Middleton Bridge, where we came across strange holes dug out in the bank (for worms, by mink?).
Wandale Hill

-127.  Murthwaite Park and Wandale Hill

Right: Swarth Fell and Baugh Fell from Wandale Hill
I had promised that we'd see red squirrels, and we did.
[February 2007; SD7197; by Rawthey Bridge - E, W - Murthwaite Park - N - Adamthwaite - W, S - Wandale Hill, Narthwaite - E - Rawthey Bridge; 5 miles]

-128.  Levens Water and Boulder Valley

A Boxing Day walk in the cloud (with one of the party non-plussed that this should be considered a fun activity for Boxing Day).
[December 2006; SD63097; Coniston - NW - Levens Water - S, in Boulder Valley - SE - Coniston; 5 miles]

-129.  Thornton Force and Kingsdale

[December 2006; SD6975; by Ravenray quarry - N, E, S - Thornton Force - NW - Tow Scar, Turbary Road - NE - Rowten Pot, Jingling Pot, Yordas Cave - S - Ravenray quarry; 7 miles]

-130.  Birkbeck Fells

[November 2006; NY5506; P on A6 - N, NW - Wasdale Old Bridge, Shap Wells Hotel, Galloway Stone - S - Salterwath, Scout Green - W - Rampshowe - N - Castlehow - SW - P on A6; 9 miles]

-131.  Green Bell and Bowderdale

A walk to locate the source of the River Lune.
[November 2006; NY6805; Wath - S - Weasdale - SE, S - source of Lune - SW - Green Bell, Randygill Top - W - Bowderdale Beck - N, NE - Wath; 9 miles]

-132.  Grayrigg Pike

[September 2006; NY6000; P by Hause Bridge - SW, S - Grayrigg Pike - NW - Repeater Station - NE, E, S - P by Hause Bridge; 5 miles]
Brownthwaite Pike

-133.  Brownthwaite Pike

Right: From Brownthwaite Pike towards Kirkby Lonsdale
A walk passing the Goldsworthy sheepfolds along Fellfoot Lane.
[September 2006; SD6282; Barbon - S - Fell Garth - SE - Fellfoot Lane - N, E, by Drygill Wood - SE - Brownthwaite Pike - NW, S, N - Barbon; 6 miles]

-134.  Orton Fells

The walk across the limestone pavement to Little Kinmond is not to be recommended - care is needed over the loose stones and grikes.
[September 2006; NY6208; Orton - N - Broadfell, quarry - E - Beacon Hill - SE - Castle Folds, Little Kinmond - SW - Acres - W - Scarside, Orton; 7 miles]

-135.  Lawkland

[August 2006; SD7565; School Bridge - S, SE - Howith - N, E, NE - by Lawkland Hall - W, Lawkland Moss, Austwick Moss - S - School Bridge; 6 miles]
Plover Scar

-136.  Cockersand Abbey

Right: Plover Scar lighthouse
After this photo appeared in The Land of the Lune I received a nice letter from the man sailing this boat, telling me the history of this distinctive craft, among other things.
[August 2006; SD4552; Pattys Farm - NW, W - Bank End - W, NW, N - Cockersand Abbey, Plover Hill, Crook Cottage - E - Kendal Hill - S, E, S - Pattys Farm; 6 miles]
Three Peaks

-137.  Roeburndale, along Hornby Road to Alderstone Bank

Right: Gragareth, Whernside, Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent from Roeburndale
[August 2006; SD6065; above Backsbottom Farm - S - Lower Salter - SE - Alderstone Bank - SW - shooting cabin - and back; 12 miles]

-138.  Swarth Fell from Rawthey Bridge

[August 2006; SD7197; Rawthey Bridge - SE, by waterfalls - Rawthey Gill Foot - NE - Joseph's House - Swarth Fell - NW, W by Uldale Gill - Needle House - NW - Rawthey Bridge; 10 miles]

-139.  Old Town, Rigmaden and Mansergh

[August 2006; SD5982; by Terrybank Tarn - N - Beck Head - NE, E, NE - Rigmaden Park - S - Mansergh Hall - N, W - Old Town - S - by Terrybank Tarn; 7 miles]

-140.  Along the Rawthey at Sedbergh

[July 2006; SD6691; by bridge at Millthrop - around Millthrop - NE, by Rawthey - Buckbank - SW - Sedbergh, Millthrop; 4 miles]

-141.  Killington and Park Hill

[July 2006; SD5988; Hills Quarry - NE - Killington, Stangerthwaite - SW, S - Beckside - SW - Harprigg - NW, across Park Hill - Hills Quarry; 7 miles]

-142.  Whernside and Deepdale

Right: Dentdale and Deepdale, with the Howgills in the distance
[July 2006; SD7179; Kingsdale Head - NE - Whernside - N - Whernside Tarns - W - Deepdale Head - S - Kingsdale Head; 9 miles]

-143.  Keasdendale

Keasdendale doesn't really exist. It's just the name I've used for the valley within which Keasden Beck flows and which was all out of bounds before the CROW Act of 2000.
[June 2006; SD7260; Bowland Knotts - W - Ravens Castle - NW - Crowd Stones - N - Thistle Hill - E - Gregson's Hill - SE - Bowland Knotts; 6 miles]

-144.  On the Western Slopes of Ingleborough

Right: Whernside from White Scars
[June 2006; SD6975; quarry at Raven Ray - N, SE - Beezleys, White Scars - NE - Souther Scales - W - Chapel-le-Dale - SW - Beezleys - NW - quarry at Raven Ray; 11 miles]

-145.  Fox's Pulpit and Brigflatts

A walk incorporating the two most important Quaker sites in the Lune valley.
[June 2006; SD6290; Killington New Bridge - S, E - Greenholme - NW - Lily Mere - NE - Ghyll Farm, New House - N - Fox's Pulpit - E, N - Goodies - E - Hole House - S - Lune Viaduct, Lincoln's Inn Bridge - E - Ingmire Hall - S, E, S - Brigflatts - W - High Oaks, Killington New Bridge; 9 miles]

-146.  Garsdale

The A684 was closed (because Clough River had washed some of it away) which helped make the walk more pleasant, or even feasible.
[June 2006; SD6991; Tom Croft Hill - E - Hind Keld, Bellow End - SE, on road - Slack - E - Garsdale Bridge, beyond West Paradise Nursery - W, on road - Garsdale, Aye Gill - by river - near West Mostard - N, W - Tom Croft Hill; 10 miles]

-147.  Hindburndale

[June 2006; SD6067; Meal Bank Bridge - S - Wray Bridge - E - Hindburn Bridge, Clear Beck Bridge, Four Score Acres - NE - Russells - S, W - Netherwood Hall, Mealbank - W - Meal Bank Bridge; 4 miles]

-148.  The Crookdale Horseshoe, including Harrop Pike

[June 2006; NY5506; P on A6 - SW - High House Bank - NW - Robin Hood, Lord's Seat, Harrop Pike - E - Great Yarlside - SE, E - P on A6; 9 miles]

-149.  From Tebay to Low Borrowdale

Right: Low Borrowdale
[May 2006; NY6104; Tebay - SW - Roundthwaite, Casterfell Hill - W - Low Borrowdale - SE, E - Low Borrowbridge - N - Lune's Bridge, Tebay; 8 miles]

-150.  Ingleborough from Newby Cote

[May 2006; SD7370; Newby Cote - N - Ingleborough - E, SE - The Allotment - SW - Gaping Gill, Newby Cote; 9 miles]

-151.  Force Gill waterfalls and Winterscales

[May 2006; SD7679; on Blea Moor Road - NW (by Ribblehead Viaduct), N - Aqueduct - NW, along Force Gill - S, over Winterscales Pasture - Winterscales Farm - SE - Blea Moor Road; 7 miles]

-152.  Wennington and Melling

[May 2006; SD6169; Wennington station - S, W - Tatham Bridge - NW - Lodge Farm, Melling Green - N, E, over Melling Moor - S - Wennington Hall School - SE - Wennington station; 6 miles]

-153.  Black Force

We scrambled down to the screes for a good view of Black Force, and nearly tried to cross the screes - but thought better of it.
[April 2006; NY6001; Borrowdale Wood - E, SE, E (trespass through Cleugh Gill) - SE - Blease Fell, Uldale Head - S - Screes of Black Force - NE - Blakethwaite Stone - S - by Black Force - SW - Linghaw - NW - Carlingill Bridge, Borrowdale Wood; 8 miles]

-154.  Barbondale

Right: Barbondale, looking west from Barbon High Fell
[April 2006; SD6282; Barbon - E, SE - Barbon Low Fell - NE (across Barbon High Fell) - Short Gill - W - Short Gill Bridge - S (by Barbon Beck) - W (through wood) - Barbon; 9 miles]

-155.  Uldale and Langdale (in the Howgills)

[April 2006; NY6305; Gaisgill - S - Gill Hole, Weather Hill - SE - Uldale End - E, SE - Nevygill Fold (and beyond) - NW (by Langdale Beck) - packhorse bridge - E, N, NW (along Cowbound Lane) - Longdale, Gaisgill; 8 miles]

-156.  Hindburndale and Lowgill

[April 2006; SD6367; near Ridges - S, SE - Furnessford Bridge - SW - Birks Farm - SE - Park House, footbridge over Hindburn - SE - Lowgill - S, SW - Stairend Bridge - N - Helks Wood - N, E - same footbridge - E - Church of the Good Shepherd - N, NW - Thimble Hall - W, N - Ridges; 8 miles]

-157.  Bretherdale

This walk passed a large number of abandoned farmsteads. A proposal to put many windmills on the hills to the south had recently been turned down .
[April 2006; NY6105; Old Tebay - NE - Tebay Bridge - W, SW, W - Low Scales - S, SW, NW - Midwath Stead - NW - Parrocks, head of Bretherdale - N - Crag Hill - SE - Eskew Head, North Side - NE - Eskew Beck Bridge - E - Greenholme - NE - Scotchman's Bridge - SE - Old Tebay; 9 miles]

-158.  The Potholes of Ireby Fell

[March 2006; SD6674; A65 layby - N - Masongill - NW - Low Douk Cave, Marble Steps Pot - NW - Ireby Fell Cavern - SW - High Barn - E - Stirragap - S - Masongill - A65; 7 miles]
Great Coum

-159.  Great Coum

Right: Crag Hill from Great Coum
A walk in the snow after a night in the camper at Dent campsite.
[March 2006; SD7087; Dent - S, by Flinter Gill - SW, S - Megger Stones - S - Great Coum - E - Green Lane - N, NE, along Nun House Outrake - E - Parks - N - Howgill Bridge - NW - Dent; 8 miles]

-160.  Dentdale

A walk to look at the waterfalls, caves and resurgences of the middle River Dee.
[March 2006; SD7087; Dent - E - Ibbeth Peril - S, W - Dent (by the river where possible); 7 miles]
Baugh Fell

-161.  Tarn Rigg Hill, Baugh Fell

Right: Wild Boar Fell (far distance) and Swarth Fell (middle distance) from Baugh Fell - a reverse of the next photo
It is easier to walk on Baugh Fell when it is frozen than when it is in its normal state (boggy).
[March 2006; SD7891; Garsdale Station - NW - Blake Mire, Rowantree, Flust - W - watershed between Haskhaw Gill and Grisedale Gill - S, SW - Tarn Rigg Hill - NE - Grisedale Pike - E - Double Hole Bridge, Clough Force - S - Clough Cottage - NE, SW - Garsdale Station; 10 miles]
Baugh Fell

-162.  Wild Boar Fell

Right: From Wild Boar Fell to Swarth Fell (near distance), Baugh Fell (middle distance) and Ingleborough and Whernside (far distance) - a reverse of the previous photo
[February 2006; SD7197; Rawthey Bridge - NE, NW - Murthwaite - NE - Low Sprintgill - E - The Street - N, NE - Dale Slack - SE - Sand Tarn, Wild Boar Fell - E - Yoadcomb Scar - W - Foggy Hill - SW - Rawthey Bridge; 9 miles]

-163.  Around Keasden

Keasden may be marked on the map but it is hard to find on the ground. It consists of scattered farms and homesteads with no focal point other than the church.
[February 2006; SD7367; Clapham Station - SW - Turnerford Bridge - NW, by Keasden Beck - Clapham Wood Hall - N - Skew Bridge - N, E - Clapham Station; 5 miles]

-164.  West Crummackdale (Norber, Thwaite)

Right: Wharfe from Norber
This was the second of two walks from the Dalesbridge campsite.
[February 2006; SD7667; Dalesbridge campsite - NE - Austwick - N - Nappa Scars - NW - Norber, Thwaite Scars - N, NE - Long Scar - SE - Crummack - S - Austwick, Dalesbridge; 7 miles]

-165.  East Crummackdale (Moughton)

[February 2006; SD7667; Dalesbridge campsite - NE - Austwick - SE, over Flascoe Bridge - NE - Wharfe - NW, N, NE - Whetstone Hole - S - Moughton trig point - W, S, SE - Wharfe, Wharfe Gill waterfall - SW - Jop Ridding, Dalesbridge; 10 miles]
Sedbergh from Middleton Fell

-166.  Middleton Fell

Right: The Howgills and Sedbergh from near Brown Knott
It was necessary to trespass towards the end of this long walk because, despite what it looks like on the map, there is no exit from open access land at Mill House (we nipped across the field to reach the footpath south).
[February 2006; SD6285; at the junction below School House - N - Middleton Hall Bridge (passing a fine pig on the road), Low Waterside, A683 - E - Fellside, Brown Knott - SE - Combe Scar - SW - Calf Top, Calf - W - by Millhouse Gill, Millbeck - N - near School House; 11 miles]

-167.  Around Casterton

[February 2006; SD6178; Devil's Bridge - E - Chapel House - NE, N - Casterton - N, E, N - Lowfields Lane - W, N, W - River Lune - by river - Lowfields Lane - S - Gildard Hill, Casterton Hall - NE, S on Laithes Lane - Devil's Bridge; 7 miles]
Hornby Castle

-168.  Brookhouse to Hornby

Right: Hornby Castle and Ingleborough
[January 2006; SD5464; (linear) Brookhouse - E - Claughton Quarry - N, NW, NE, through Farleton - NE, NW - Camp House - N, E - Hornby; 7 miles]

-169.  Burrow and Overtown

[January 2006; SD6175; Burrow Bridge - N - Over Burrow - E - footbridge over Leck Beck - S - Overtown - SW - Burrow Bridge; 4 miles]

-170.  Sunderland Point

[January 2006; SD4157; Potts Corner - SE - Sunderland Point - N - Sunderland, Trailholme, Trumley Farm - W, SW - Potts Corner; 5 miles]

-171.  Gressingham

[December 2005; SD5869; Loyn Bridge - SW, NW - The Snab - N - Eskrigge, Gressingham - E - Loyn Bridge; 5 miles]

-172.  White Hill and the Roman Road

This walk was mainly to follow the Roman road towards Lowgill and then to view its line from near Lowgill.
[December 2005; SD6860; Cross of Greet - SW, S - White Hill - W - Roman road - E, N - Middle Gill Bridge - W - Botton Head - NW - Lower Thrushgill - E, SE - Whitray - SE, by Whitray Beck - Cross of Greet; 9 miles]

-173.  Kingsdale

Right: (dry) Kingsdale Beck, with Whernside in the distance
A long walk for November, taking advantage of un-forecast blue skies, including viewing a few potholes.
[November 2005; SD6975; by Ravenray quarry - N on road - NE, by Kingsdale Beck - Apronfull of Stones - W - road - N on road, W - High Pike - S - Swere Gill Bridge - S on road - Yordas Cave - W, SW on Turbary Road - North End Scar - SE - Ravenray quarry; 12 miles]

-174.  The River Greta at Burton-in-Lonsdale

[November 2005; SD6571; by Burton Bridge - SE across Bentham Moor to road - E - Raygill House - NW, W - Faccon Farm - E on road and footpath (until it ends at Scaleber Woods) - W - Burton Bridge; 6 miles]

-175.  Lowgill Viaduct, Brown Moor and Castley Knotts

A sheep was attempting to cross the viaduct on a narrow parapet high above ground - too narrow for him to change his mind.
[November 2005; SD6096; layby by railway and M6 - NE - Lowgill Viaduct - E - Crook of Lune Bridge, Riddings - NE - Beck House, Beck Houses Gate - E - Brown Moor - S - Castley Knotts - S, W - Castley - SW - Gate Side - S, SW - River Lune - N by river - Crook of Lune Bridge - SW - layby; 9 miles]

-176.  Around Tunstall

[October 2005; SD6073; Lunesdale Arms - NE - church - N, E - Cowdber Farm - SE - Collingholme - S, SW - Longriggs Barn, Cantsfield - N - church - SW, NW - River Lune - along Lune, E - Lunesdale Arms; 8 miles]

-177.  Around Barbon

[October 2005; SD6282; Hodge Bridge - E, N - Eskholme - E, N - Three Little Boys - W, S - Eskholme - W, N - Borwens, Sowermire Farm - W, SW - Treasonfield - S - Beckfoot Farm - NE - Hodge Bridge; 8 miles]
Nor Gill

-178.  Around Hebblethwaite

Right: Southern Howgills from above Hebblethwaite Hall
This was the first walk after deciding to gather material for a book on the Lune region, which eventually became The Land of the Lune.
[September 2005; SD6892; Greenwood - NE - Sarthwaite, Askew Stones - N - Nor Gill - SW - Hebblethwaite Hall, Ghyllas, Straight Bridge - E - Greenwood; 6 miles]

-179.  High Cup Nick and Murton Pike

[September 2005; NY6929; by Town Head, Billy’s Beck, Dufton - E - Bow Hall - E, NE, along Narrow Gate (path) - High Cup Nick - S, above High Cup Scar, across Trundale Gill - Murton Pike - W - Harbour Flatt, Keisley - N - Bow Hall - W - Town Head; 11 miles]

-180.  Terrybank Tarn and Old Town

Right: Barbondale from near Old Town
A new digital camera was christened on this walk. I dropped it on the stony path. So, for the outings below we are in the old film-camera era, and photos will become more scarce and of even lower quality.
[September 2005; SD5982; layby east of Terrybank Tarn - SW - Tosca - SE, E - Deansbiggin, Scar Brow - N, along road, Chapel Lane - church - E - Old Town - S - layby; 5 miles]

-181.  Great Carrs, Swirl How and Grey Friar

This was the last of a set of walks to get to the 60 highest tops in the Lake District in the 60 days before my 60th birthday. I had three tops left to do and five days left to do them, so this was quite a leisurely, celebratory stroll. The tops are given in the outing titles and I've given their heights in the route descriptions.
Tunstall Lune Right: Swirl How
[July 2005; NY2702; top of Wrynose Pass - S, on Wet Side Edge - Little Carrs, Great Carrs (785m), Swirl How (802m) - W, across Fairfield - Grey Friar (773m) - NE - top of Wrynose Pass; 5 miles]

-182.  Wetherlam

This was to have been the last walk in the challenge described above but cloud and heavy rain caused us to abandon the attempt. We passed a group who trusted their new-fangled GPS device but we had no such equipment. After we had recovered with a lunch-time soup in the van, the cloud lifted a little and we managed to bag Wetherlam at least, leaving the other three for the next day.
[July 2005; NY2903; Fell Foot - W, S, W, up Rough Crags - Wet Side Edge - S - Little Carrs - back for lunch - E, S - Bridge End - SW - Birk Fell Hawse, Wetherlam (762m) - NE, N - Hollin Crag, Fell Foot; 9 miles]

-183.  Catstye Cam, Helvellyn, Nethermost Pike and Dollywaggon Pike

[June 2005; NY3817; Glenridding car park - W - Rattlebeck Bridge - S, W, above Glenridding Beck, SW - near Red Tarn - W - Catstye Cam (890m) - W, along Swirral Edge - Helvellyn (950m) - S - Nethermost Pike (891m), High Crag, Dollywaggon Pike (858m) - SE - Grisedale Tarn - NE, down Grisedale - Lanty’s Tarn - N - Glenridding; 11 miles]

-184.  St Sunday Crag, Fairfield, Great Rigg, Hart Crag and Dove Crag

[June 2005; NY4013; Cow Bridge - S - Deepdale Bridge - W, S, up Deepdale - Wall End - W - Lord’s Seat, Gavel Pike, St Sunday Crag (841m) - SW - Deepdale Hause, Cofa Pike, Fairfield (873m) - S - Great Rigg (766m) - N - Fairfield - E - Hart Crag (822m) - SE - Dove Crag (792m) - N, NE - Hartsop above How, Gale Crag - E, through Low Wood - Cow Bridge; 10 miles]

-185.  Great Gable and Green Gable

Right: Great Gable at the head of Wasdale
Much of this walk was in cloud. On Great Gable we met a couple unequipped for fell-walking. They were skimpily dressed and had no compass or proper map. On Green Gable we met a group who didn't know whether they were on Green Gable or Great Gable. We later saw the compass-less couple being escorted off the fell, which was a relief.
[July 2005; NY1808; Wasdale Head car park - N - Row Head - E - Burnthwaite - NE, by Gable Beck - near Beck Head - SE - Great Gable (899m) - NE - Windy Gap, Green Gable (801m) - SW - Windy Gap - SE, by Aaron Slack - Styhead Tarn - SW, W, on path above Spouthead Gill - SW - car park; 8 miles]

-186.  Lingmell, Scafell Pike, Scafell and Slight Side

Lingmell was in cloud but luckily it lifted for us to tackle the Scafells as well.
[June 2005; NY1807; Wasdale Head camp site - E, by Lingmell Gill, NE, ridge up Lingmell - Lingmell (807m) - S - Lingmell Col - SE - Scafell Pike (978m) - SW - Mickledore - SE, SW - Foxes Tarn - W - Scafell (964m) - S - Slight Side (762m) - NW - Green How - W, N - camp site; 8 miles]

-187.  Grisedale Pike, Hopegill Head, Grasmoor, Wandope, Crag Hill and Sail

Right: Buttermere from Grasmoor
[July 2005; NY2322; Braithwaite - SW - Grisedale Pike (791m), Hopegill Head (770m) - S - Sand Hill, Coledale Hause - SW - Grasmoor (852m) - E - Wandope (772m) - NE - Crag Hill (839m) - E - Sail (773m) - NE - Braithwaite; 10 miles]

-188.  Great Dodd, Watson's Dodd, Stybarrow Dodd, Raise and Whiteside

Thunderstorms were forecast and we set off in some trepidation. The high tops were in cloud but we stayed dry. We later heard that there'd been heavy rain elsewhere.
[June 2005; NY3218; Stybeck Farm campsite - N - Legburthwaite - NE - by Castle Rock, across Mill Gill, up St John’s Common - Little Dodd, Great Dodd (857m) - S - Watson's Dodd (789m), Stybarrow Dodd (843m), Raise (883m), Whiteside (863m) - NW - Brown Crag, Fisher Place Gill - N - Stybeck Farm; 8 miles]

-189.  Glaramara and Allen Crags

[June 2005; NY2312; Seathwaite - S, SE, by Hind Gill - Glaramara (783m) - S - Lincomb Tarns, High House Tarn, Allen Crags (785m) - S, NW, N by Ruddy Gill and Grains Gill - Seathwaite; 6 miles]

-190.  Crinkle Crags, Bow Fell, Esk Pike and Great End

I had a tumble on Bow Fell and gashed my hip. This made me resolve to not run on the fells anymore. I was walking, not running, on this occasion but it made me well aware that accidents can happen at any time (and probably more likely while running and at my age), and if I had a similar accident while running then I would be in trouble, with few clothes, no food, and alone (possibly for some time). As it was, this was a long, painful walk.
[June 2005; NY2501; above Cockley Beck - N by Gaitscale Gill - Crinkle Crags (859m), Bow Fell (902m), accident! - NW - Esk Pike (885m), Esk Hause, Great End (910m) - SE - Esk Hause - S, SW by River Esk - Great Moss - SE below Long Crag - Lingcove Beck - S below Little Stand (Moasdale very boggy) - E across Gaitscale Close - above Cockley Beck; 12 miles]

-191.  Skiddaw, Little Man and Blencathra

As it turned out, this was my last fell run - but not a bad one to finish with! I was tipped out west of Skiddaw and left to run over to Blencathra while Ruth and a friend looked at the ospreys. The run took 2 hours 45 minutes.
[June 2005; NY2329; (linear) by Ravenstone Hotel - NE, S - Ullock Pike - SE - Carlside Tarn - NE - Skiddaw (931m) - S, SE - Little Man (865m) - N, E - Sale How, Skiddaw House, The Stake, across Mungrisdale Common, SE - Blencathra (868m) - SW - Knowe Crag, Blencathra Centre car park; 11 miles]

-192.  High Raise

[May 2005; NY3213; Wythburn car park - N - West Head - SW - Ullscarf - S - Low White Stones, High Raise (762m) - E - Codale Head - NE - Steel Fell - N - Steel End, Wythburn car park; 9 miles]

-193.  Harter Fell, Mardale Ill Bell, Thornthwaite Beacon and Ill Bell

Right: Windermere from Ill Bell
[May 2005; NY4504; Kentmere Church - N - Rook Howe - E, N, E, N - Shipman Knotts, Goat Scar, Kentmere Pike, Harter Fell (778m) - W - Nan Bield Pass - NW - Mardale Ill Bell (761m) - W - Thornthwaite Beacon (784m) - S - Froswick, Ill Bell (757m), Yoke - E over Garburn Pass - Kentmere Church; 12 miles]

-194.  Stony Cove Pike and Red Screes

This outing was in two parts: a run to Stony Cove Pike and then a scramble up Red Screes.
[May 2005; NY4008; Kirkstone Pass - NE along St Ravens Edge - Pike How, John Bell’s Banner, Stone Cove Pike (763m) - SW - Kirkstone Pass - NW - Red Screes (776m) - N - Middle Dodd - E, S - Kirkstone Pass; 6 miles]

-195.  Kirk Fell

It rained in the morning and we were only able to bag Kirk Fell (in the cloud) in the afternoon.
[May 2005; NY1808; Wasdale Head - N - Kirk Fell (802m) - E - Beckhead Tarn - SW - Wasdale Head; 4 miles]

-196.  Haycock, Scoat Fell, Steeple, Pillar and Red Pike

I was tipped out on the way to the Wasdale campsite for a rather reckless run. It was cold, cloudy and (by the end) raining. I saw nobody on the fells until I met Ruth at the end near Dropping Crag, as I was dropping myself.
[May 2005; NY1606; (linear) Netherbeck Bridge - N by Nether Beck, by Ladcrag Beck - High Pikehow, Haycock (797m) - NE - Scoat Fell 841m) - N - Steeple (819m) - S, NE - Pillar (892m) - SW, SE - Red Pike (821m) - SE - Dore Head - SW by Over Beck, below Dropping Crag - SW, E (walking) - Wasdale campsite; 11 miles]

-197.  Dow Crag, Brim Fell and The Old Man of Coniston

[May 2005; SD2894; Torver - N - Scarr Head - NW - Torver Bridge - W on Walna Scar Road, N - Brown Pike, Buck Pike, Dow Crag (778m) - NE - Goat's Hawse, Brim Fell (796m) - S - The Old Man of Coniston (803m) - NE - Goat's Hawse - S, SE - Torver; 9 miles]

-198.  High Stile

[May 2005; NY1717; Buttermere NT car park - S, SW - Bleaberry Tarn - W, SW - Red Pike - SE - High Stile (807m), High Crag, Scarth Gap - N - Buttermere - NW - Burtness Wood - N - car park; 7 miles]

-199.  High Raise, Rampsgill Head, High Street and Kidsty Pike

This was the first day of the 60-in-60-by-60 challenge mentioned in -181. It was a cool day and as I ran (in my shorts) past a number of heavily cagouled walkers I heard various comments such as “that’s not fair”, “oh, you make me feel cold”.
[May 2005; NY4710; Mardale Head - N - Bowderthwaite Bridge - NW by Randale Beck - High Raise (802m) - S - Rampsgill Head (792m) - S on west side of Straits of Riggindale - High Street (828m) - N on east side - Kidsty Pike (780m) - E - Kidsty Howes - SE, S - Mardale Head; 9 miles]

-200.  Great Dummacks and The Calf

[May 2005; SD6994; on A683 near church - NW - Crook Holme - N - Rooker Gill - SW - Fawcett Bank Rigg - N - Great Dummacks - NW - The Calf (676m) - S - Calders, below Arant Haw, Crook - S, NE - Ghyll Farm - SE - Stone Hall - NE - Fawcett Bank, Crook Holme - SE - A683; 9 miles]

-201.  Mallowdale Pike

[April 2005; SD5863; road west of Winder - E, SE - Haylot Farm - E, S through Azers Wood - SW, S by Azers Gill, E - Mallowdale Pike - N - Mallowdale Bridge - W - Mallowdale Farm - NW through Melling Wood - Haylot Farm, road west of Winder; 6 miles]

-202.  Tarnbrook Fell

This walk was partly to look at the new tracks (for grouse-shooters) being put on the Bowland hills. I don't doubt that the new tracks have approval - but I doubt that the authorities worry too much before giving it. The land-owners are quite influential.
[April 2005; SD5754; by church on Long Lane - S, E - Top of Emmetts - NW on Wyre Way - Tarnbrook - N - aqueduct, luncheon hut - E below Hell Crag - NE - Brown Syke - SW - Moss End - W - Tarnbrook - back to Long Lane; 9 miles]

-203.  Aye Gill Pike

There was more snow and ice on the tops than I anticipated, making this run too slow and too tiring (and too risky).
[March 2005; SD7087; Dent car park - NW - Barth Bridge - N - Lunds, ridge - SE by wall - Aye Gill Pike - E - Rise Hill, Little Snaizwold Fell - SE, S - Ewegales Bridge - W following Dales Way - Dent; 12 miles]
Brothers Water

-204.  Around Brothers Water

Right: At Brotherswater
These are three short-ish walks while staying in the camper (in the snow) at Sykeside near Brothers Water.
[February 2005; NY4011; Sykeside - W - Hartsop Hall - S, SW - High Hartsop Dodd, Little Hart Crag - S - Scandale Pass - NE, N in Caiston Glen - Hartsop Hall - E - Sykeside; Sykeside - N - Hartsop - E, N - Angletarn Beck - S, W, S by Brothers Water - Hartsop Hall - E - Sykeside; Cow Bridge car park - W through Low Wood - near Bleaberry Knott - and back; (in total) 10 miles]

-205.  Brennand Fell

[February 2005; SD6351; P in Trough of Bowland - N - Trough Barn - NE - Trough House - E, N - Brennand Farm - W by Brennand River (aqueduct) - Black Dell - E - higher track - N - shooting cabin - S - Brown Bank - and back; 9 miles]

-206.  Above Thornton in Lonsdale

[February 2005; SD6872; campsite south of Ingleton - N, NE through Ingleton - start of Waterfalls walk - N - Thornton Hall, near Raven Ray - NW across Low Plain - SW on track, SE, S - Westgate - E - Cowgill Farm, Thornton Hall - and back; 7 miles]

-207.  Melling and Wrayton

[January 2005; SD6071; by Melling bridge - SW, NW under railway, N - River Greta - E - Greta Bridge - S - Wrayton - E, S - Catgill Barn, Lodge Lane - NW, S - Melling Tunnel - NW, W, NE - by Melling bridge; 5 miles]

... to be continued, probably ...

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Top photo: The western Howgills from Dillicar; Bottom photo: Blencathra from Great Mell Fell